eco-i-on H2Flow XQ-03 Adjustable 300H2 150O2 Oxyhydrogen Inhalation Machine

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eco-i-on H2Flow XQ-03 Hydrogen Gas Inhalation Machine Generator by PEM Water Electrolysis Technology
Hydrogen inhalation is a new way of health care, which is non-toxic and no side effect. According to hundreds of studies, hydrogen is a perfect antioxidant to battle against oxidative stress.

Inhalational hydrogen to be beneficial in two ways:

1. As a therapeutic antioxidant
One of the major mechanisms the COVID-19 virus causes illness is by oxidative stress, producing breakdown products of oxygen including superoxide radical, hydrogen peroxide and hydroxyl radical, which are referred collectively as reactive oxygen species (ROS). These unstable radicals cause damage to various molecules in the body such as fats and cell, DNA and proteins. Hydrogen (H2) eliminates free radicals by acting as specific scavenger of highly active oxidants. It also indirectly reduces oxidative stress by regulating the expression of various genes.

2. As an anti-inflammation
Viral infection is capable of producing an excessive immune reaction in the host by stimulating massive release of cytokines. Hydrogen (H2) inhibits oxidative stress-induced inflammatory tissue damage.

DESIGN FEATURE : 9 Safety Functions

1. Low Water: automatically cut off and alarm to add water.

2. Full Water: alarm when adding enough water.

3.Over Pressure: automatically cut off when the gas pressure is abnormal.

4.Overheat: automatically cut off when the electrolytic cell works. Abnormally and the temperature is over 60℃.

5. Low Temperature: test the environment temperature, stop working if the temperature below 0℃.
6. Unbalance: automatically cut off once the machine is tipped over.
7. TDS Water Quality: test the value of TDS, inspect whether the water quality meets the requirement.
8. Filter: Flashing icon when the filter needs to be replaced.
9. Working Current Display: Display working current value and hydrogen output.


eco-i-on H2Flow XQ-03 is a machine with Hydrogen Flow:300ml/min  Oxygen Flow:150ml/min , which is 


OxyHydrogen gas mode:
Total Output flow rate: 1L/min hydrogen gas and oxygen, 300ml/min Hydrogen, 150ml/min Oxygen (H2/O2: 66.6%/33.3%) 

Channel: Three adjustable channel outputs.

H2 Flow One: 50ml/min,100ml/min, 150ml/min
H2 Flow Two: 50ml/min,100ml/min, 150ml/min

O2 Flow: 50ml/min,100ml/min, 150ml/min

Input source: distilled water only
Input source capacity: 1300ml

Function : Timer setting 30 mins till 8 hours

Power : 180W
Weight: 9.5kg
Dimension: 27.8cm x 20.8cm x 42.6cm
Package include: 1 hydrogen inhalation machine, 1 power adapter with power cable, 1 cannula inhaler tube with water separator
Color option: Gold

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