eco-i-on Hydrogen Water Bottles

Before you view any hydrogen water makers, it is important to ensure the bottle does not generate harmful byproducts like chlorine and ozone gas. 

Vendors will not tell you this and because of that you may be drinking water that is not safe for you.  

Here at eco-i-on we only carry products that are safe, that make water that is safe for you to drink.



H2 Lite

The top-notch new Hydrogen Generator out performed all hydrogen generators in the market, efficient, portable and stylist portable inhaler.

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The extra-long battery-life of Hydrogen Generator suitable for your active lifestyle on the go.                                                                  SHOP NOW.JPG  




The Hydrogen Generator suitable for your entire family.

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The top-notch new Hydrogen Generator out performed all hydrogen generators in the market, efficient, portable and stylist portable inhaler.




High concentration hydrogen water can directly touch human’s oral cavity, stomach, intestinal tract and blood of human body and thus eliminate reactive oxygen species effectively from inside to outside, strengthen physique, and significantly improve the health problems in oral cavity, stomach, intestinal tract and blood, without causing any toxic or side effect. 

 · For Anti-aging & beauty: Hydrogen helps reduce wrinkle and whiten skin, improve the 

   moisture, elasticity and softness of skin, and remove aged spot and scar, reduce weight.

· For sub-health condition: Improve immunity, sleeping quality, metabolism and blood 

   circulation balance the cells.
 · For preventing and improving health problems: Hydrogen is scientifically shown to be effective in alleviating over 160 kinds of diseases by world-wide clinical trials and over 1000 scientific studies. Therefore, it prevents and alleviates chronic diseases, such as cholesterol, hypertension, hyperglycaemia, gout, joint-pain, dermatitis, gastric and intestinal problem, constipation, Parkinson, depression, Alzheimer's disease, tumor and etc.

Features of hydrogen


• Excellent permeability and diffusivity: being the smallest and lightest molecule in the universe, hydrogen can diffuse to the whole body in a short time and pass through the cell membrane to mitochondria directly.

• Selective anti-oxidation: hydrogen can selectively eliminate harmful free radicals and protect the beneficial oxygen radicals.

• Safety, high-efficiency and non-toxic side effects: Hydrogen is the best anti-oxidant we have found so far because it only aims at the damaged cells and does no harm to the healthy cells.


Basic principle of hydrogen


• Functioned with anti-oxidation, anti-inflammation, anti-apoptotic and cells-repairing, hydrogen exerts the following effect: anti-allergy, anti-aging, anti-tumor, increasing mitochondrion ability, beauty and sub-health condition.

 • As a superior antioxidant, Hydrogen can eliminate harmful free radicals and improve the cells’ anti-oxidation and repairing ability from the perspective of solving the root cause of cells of oxidative injury. On the other hand, hydrogen can eliminate inflammation by removing inflammatory factor and therefore prevent and improve all kinds of health problem.


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