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eco-i-on Lisse Real Hydrogen Rejuvenate Mask from Korea

RM 129.00
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Wrinkle improvement & whitening cosmetic mask. With Korea's first mask pack containing 840ppb of real hydrogen, experience the microscopic moisture that fills cells from deep within and provides a fast calming effect.

Utilizes AHHS patented system to produce the real hydrogen that helps reduce free radical damage while having a whitening, moisturizing, firming effect.

15 Natural Ingredients Added Certified Ingredients Added No Harmful Ingredients

**How to use**

1/ Cleanse your skin thoroughly.

2/ Apply Lisse Real Hydrogen Rejuvenate Mask sheet from the forehead to jaw. When you are hanging it on your ears, hold both ear tags simultaneously, so it will not stuck unbalanced. (If you cannot hang on your ears, slightly stretch and pull the ear tags)

3/ Even though we have utilized the mask sheet by using the most premium sheet available to prolong the use time due to osmotic pressure, the mask will re-absorb minerals so it is recommended to remove the mask within an hour.

4/After removing the mask sheet, gently tap the skin to absorb the ampoule. (After using the high concentrated ampoule, it may feel a little sticky immediately after removing the mask sheet, but after about 1 hour, it is completely absorbed by the skin, and the amazing moisturizing and elasticity effect is maintained for 2 ~ 3 days) Ampoules remaining in the pouch can be used as an alternative to essence. Even though your face will feel sticky right after removing facial mask sheet, everything will be absorbed entirely after an hour and it lasts for as long as 2 to 3 days for skin elasticity.
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