eco-i-on H2Life Hydrogen Water Bottle with SPE and PEM Dual Chamber Technology

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If it’s the top-notch quality your looking for, then the H2Life is right for you. The H2Life has the world best performance of any portable H2 water bottle. It is also the smallest portable on the market today.


 Model No.

 Water temperature

 ORP Levelmv

 Battery voltage(V)

 Charging cable



-400 ~ -600



Water quality

  Hydrogen concentration

 3 min

 9 min

Mineral water

 Average 1700ppb

 Maximum 1900ppb

 Average 3300ppb 

 Maximum 3700ppb

Purified water

 Average 1500ppb 

 Maximum 1700ppb

 Average 2400-2700ppb 

 Maximum 3000ppb

  • Best in class with average of 2.4-2.7 ppm H2 content.
  • PEM technology and the best quality platinum coated on both electrode and membrane, effectively separate contaminants such as ozone, chlorine etc.
  • Top-quality 7 layers platinum coated on electrode board, which is safe and durable
  • Hydrogen purity level above 99.99%.  Intelligent Emission design separated out oxygen, ozone and chlorine are thoroughly.
  • No change in water pH.
  • Body is made of the best quality Tritan, BPA-Free food-grade material imported from Korea, strong and safe
  • Capacity 320ml
  • Dual function, you can use with the cup come with the set or with a regular water bottle! 
  • 3- and 9-minute options, quickly produces hydrogen rich water within 3 minutes, can be drunk directly from bottle.
  • Up to 15 bottles of 3 mins on one charge, 7 bottles of 9 mins on one charge
  • Well-sealed for no water leakage
  • Ability to attach your own 1 or even 2-litre plastic bottles.
  • One touch operation, touch button is water-proof, smart and easy to use.
  • The lifespan of lithium battery of the bottle is up to 5000 operation hours
  • USB-C charging port, convenient to charge with 3 hours charging time. 
  • Portable for travel, work and office and user-friendly
  • Suggest to drink 7 cups of hydrogen water every day to keep cells in balance
  • Long-term consuming can help improve immunity, prevent from illness
  • Rapid repair for gastric and intestinal lesion; and brings remarkable health-care benefit to visceral organs,blood, brain etc.


  • Please choose purified water, mineral water or lukewarm boiled water below 60°C.
  • Please pour water till 5 centimeters above the water line. So that the concentration would be made high enough.
  • Please tighten the bottle to make sure that there is no leakage of hydrogen. 
  • Please do not let the hydrogen generator work for 9 min continuously more than twice.
  • Please do not let hydrogen generator work when there is no water in water bottle to avoid the electrode plate will be burned out.
  • Please reserve a small amount of water in the water bottle after drinking. So that hydrogen could be made quickly next time. 
  • Please do not use water bottle when during charging state.
  • Clean the electrode membrane at least 1 hour once a week by pouring white vinegar mixed with water or citric acid into water bottle.
  • If you haven’t been used water bottle for a long time, please put purified water into the bottle first for at least 6 hours to activate the membrane. Then, pouring the white vinegar mixed with water or citric acid for 1 hour to clean the water bottle.




Average 2.4 ppm, Up to 3.7 ppm


Pearl White






6cm in diameter, 22.5cm in height





Charging time

3 hours 

Operation time

18 times for 3 mins cycle

5-7 times for 9 mins cycle

Battery Life

5000 hours operation time

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